Remington Reincarnates the Bushmaster BA50 and Names it the R2MI

Remington Reintroducing Bolt-Action .50-Caliber Rifle as the R2MI ...Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC - BA50

If you haven’t  had the opportunity to engage a long range target with the Bushmaster BA50 you are missing an experience; I’ll tell you, it is a joy. The rifle was extremely accurate, and at the time of its introduction it had to be one of the most ergonomic .50 BMGs on the market.

Fast forward to 2020 to witness its resurrection in the form of Remington’s R2Mi. Remington has even kept the bolt handle on the left side of the receiver. I have to believe that Remington marketing intended the 2Mi in its name to suggest the range potential and that they were not trying to imitate the Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant. All kidding aside, if you have $4,400 +/- this is a rifle that you need to add to your long range precision shooting collection. Top it off with a solid optic and you’ll enjoy shooting this rifle for years to come.

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