Steinel Ammunition Co., 9mm 124gr Subcompact Carry SCHP round for EDC.


Ohio manufacturer, Steinel Ammunition has built a reputation on producing the finest hard to source unique  military surplus ammo. In March the company announced a premium 9mm defensive round, a first for Steinel.  What is unique about this first offering is that it has been specifically formulated for the subcompact pistol.  The 124gr solid Copper Hollow Point (SCHP) exits a 3 inch barrel at 960 feet per second, but the lower muzzle velocity does not detract from its impressive terminal ballistics.

The Maker Solid Copper Hollow Point bullets, new Starline nickel-plated casings, Hodgdon powder, and CCI’s primers makes Steinel’s 9mm defensive round a very high quality offering. Its performance is defined by a bullet expansion to a diameter of 0.706” when fired from a 3” barrel at 960 FPS, and .857” when fired from a 4.7” barrel with 1,050 FPS velocity.

I’ll be test driving this impressive 9mm round from Steinel  in June.

Steinel Ammunition Co

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