Kopfjäger releases crucial Small Diameter Rifle grip!



(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – The creators at Kopfjäger are excited to announce the release of the SDR (small diameter rifle) grip! This durable silicone grip can be attached to Kopfjäger’s classic Reaper Grip to accommodate smaller-sized rifles such as youth rifles, air rifles and pellet guns. When the SDR grip is doubled, it can fit stocks down to .25 inches! Now, youth and other small-rifle shooters can enjoy the confidence and stability of a classic Reaper Grip from Kopfjäger.



Ø Fits stocks down to 0.85 inches

Ø When doubled, fits stocks down to 0.25 inches

Ø Hardy Silicone Construction

Ø Weighs 4.3 ounces

About Kopfjäger:

Kopfjäger is a world-leader in hunter-assistance products. Operating under the Sellmark Corporation umbrella and utilizing years of hunter-focused research from military, law enforcement and aerospace engineering, Kopfjäger is renowned for going the extra mile to design superior shooting rests, tripods and accessories. Kopfjäger’s mission is simple: To bring professional-grade products to the average outdoorsman, to maximize safety and comfort, and to guarantee you a successful adventure.

Visit www.kopfjagerindustries.com

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