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Memorial Day Optics & More

Through June 1st

Approximately 27x Better Than a Mattress Sale

State been keeping you down?  Prepare for some social blasting with discounts on just what you’d expect…levers, levels, scopes, and loading equipment!

We’ve got more levers than ever, with new Meopta, Leupold, and Vortex models recently.  Take 25% off all polymer levels and levers, use code:

Standard, FDE, CF Levers

We’ve shipped so….so much AR500.  But there’s still some left.  Find half off in-stock steel while it lasts, backorders ALLOWED on our most popular targets such as IPSC and Coyotes.  Cutting and delivery after our shop move, figure 4-6 weeks.
“allourar500” for 50% off!

Buy “allourar500”

Are you a man of fine taste?  Take a tasty 20% off our billet levels and levers through next Monday!  We have a hard time keeping these in stock at our normal price, so prepare for a shipping delay while we wrap up new batches of Rail Mount, 30mm, 34mm, and Ares levers.  At just $36 and $44 respectively, you’ll find the wait well worth the quality.  At checkout use code:

Scope & Rail Levels

Throw Levers

Increase your Chargemaster performance!  Find discounts on our antistatic inserts to reduce overcharges, powder pans, and our reloading funnel sets.  The more items bundled, the bigger the discount.  Bet you won’t find any static here.

Chargemaster Combos

Smokin’ PRS Deals?  Yes.  The Ares ETR and Cronus BTR perform way above their price range.  If you’re on the fence, we’ll be shipping these not only with a level and lever, but a sunshade, focus wheel, AND a nice mount or rings at 50% off!  A truly complete setup saving you hundreds.

Ares ETR

Cronus BTR

Don’t discount the XTRIII.  If illumination isn’t a must, these have great turrets and glass at a very reasonable price.  We’ve got half our original stockpile of 3.3-18x SCR2 MIL scopes left.  Get a FREE set of Seekins or Warne rings/mount with any XTRIII purchase, and knock an extra $125 off the 3.3-18x mentioned above with code “318scr2”!

XXXtra Good Prices

The most ergonomically and optically pleasing conventional rifle scope we’ve ever had.  With a mag ring and turrets that feel just right, and glass that is a pleasure to get behind, the Zero Compromise optics and aptly named.  4-20x and 5-27x models in stock with our personal favorite MPCT2 reticle. 


Vortex Razor LHT in stock, among others.  Take a sweet 12% off with code “memorialvortex”.
Will this code apply to a Razor G3?  Yes.  Do we have any idea when they’ll arrive?  Unfortunately not….damn virus.

Viral Vortex Prices

If you’re looking for the best contenders under $1000, consider an Athlon Ares BTR Gen 2 or Midas Tac.  For Memorial Day you’ll find them shipping with a free level, lever, sunshade, AND Athlon rings at 50% off!

Ares BTR

Midas Tac

What could be more American than supporting a small business AND shooting Covid-19?  Well…nothing we can think of.  Find these 12″ viral analogs for just $59.99.  No mask required.


Pro Series Levers

Poly Scope & Rail Levels

You’ve made it this far?  Time for the biggest discount of all.  Throw a Helos on your trainer or backup precision rifle.  Save over 30% compared to buying this elsewhere, just $419.99 with a level and lever.  Originally you’d be at over $600 for this combo!

Huge Helos Savings

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