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How was everyone’s week? Are you all keeping the stress levels down and staying away from the mental health apps? I’d ask you about your plans for your weekend but it’s none of my business, and with this lockdown you may be staying home and playing video games. But look readers, things are opening up and from what I’ve seen individuals and businesses are being responsible in how they conduct themselves and their businesses. So, hang in there!

I’ve always suspected that the COVID 19 virus created Zombies as evidenced in my dashcam video below.

The streets are still empty, I’ve never seen this intersection with virtualy no traffic.

In this week’s shoot the shit I’d like to relay what the NSSF SHOT SHOW team had to say about the 2021 event. I’ve had a number of conversations with people who are wondering what is going to happen. Somewhat premature, but valid just the same as we are rapidly approaching the time when exhibitors and attendees make travel plans etc. So, here’s the official skinny on Shot Show 2021 as of today.

Looking Toward the 2021 SHOT Show

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of exhibitors have inquired about what our plans are for the 2021 SHOT Show. Any details at this point in time would be premature because we just don’t know what the parameters for holding large events will be nine months from now. Our first and foremost priority is to ensure the safety of our customers—the exhibitors, attendees and media—and our employees. So, as the situation develops on a daily basis, we’ll continue discussing what that looks like from an operational and customer perspective. Sometimes it feels like we’re planning to fight 100 different battles on the same ground. That’s why everything is on the table at this point in time. I think the fact that our show is held in January puts us in a very good position because there is a very good chance that we’ll emerge from this well in advance of the show. —Chris Dolnack, NSSF

It looks like NSSF is aware of the concerns and their team is working on formulating and evaluating the options. One thing is certain, the sheer magnitude of the event and the challanges of the times will keep the NSSF folks busy.

Alright readers, have a great weekend and don’t stress out, it’s easy to do under these conditions but this too shall pass.

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