Can You Spot the Differences?

PSR vs. CAL Atlas Bipod Comparison

Both are bipods with two legs used to support firearms, BUT each for different applications. Our bipods are certainly all bipods, but they too have different characteristics that warrant a little thought prior to selecting the right tool for the job.
Our full featured V8, PSR, and 5-H all have the ability to both Pan and Cant, while the CAL series, including the new
Super CAL will only cant.
Panning is a great feature where flexibility and the ability to move on a target or load then pan to a target is necessary. Most likely encountered in urban environment or uneven terrain. Those shooting at longer distances at a static target don’t typically require the ability to Pan, so the CAL series that “Cants And Locs” will likely make more sense.

If you are unsure, just give us a call and we will spend some time helping you determine the best choice. Or if you don’t like to talk on the phone…get one of each! Everyone knows we should use the right tool for the job…right!?

PSR                               CAL

For a breakdown of details and specifications of each Atlas Bipod series and model, check out our

Atlas Bipod Comparison Chart

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