Summer Scouting with Styrka Optics

Eagan, MN (June 2, 2020) – In these high-tech times of ours, summer scouting in preparation for our fall hunts often starts online. Digital maps and similar resources help us find public hunting areas and guides us to other options. If we already have access to specific lands or properties, many of us will have game cameras in place.

Both are great ways to start gathering information for the fall. When we really want to know what’s on the land, we need to be on the land. And Styrka optics can help tremendously with this in-the-field scouting.

If we don’t know the land or property, we need to at least walk the edges of it to acquaint ourselves. But what does a hunter do once that’s done? Think, distance scouting.

Hunters want to observe but not be observed or smelled. There’s no better way to accomplish this than to set up at various observation points and scan from afar with a pair of Styrka binoculars or our S7 Series Spotting Scopes.

Of course, hunters are looking for the obvious–wild game animals, where they appear and at what times of the day. Also, search out trails they use and openings between wooded areas where they cross-note sources of water and food, especially crops.

Before setting up hunting blinds, pay attention to the prevailing winds, too, and plan the blind locations to take advantage of these winds.

What happens if the area has been hunted before? Don’t assume the deer will just be there. White-tailed deer, for example, are known to get into feeding and bedding routines. However, human disturbances and changes to vegetation from year to year can have these same deer altering their travel, bedding and feeding patterns.

If hunters know these routines from past hunts, spend some time confirming them-or discovering the changes.

Styrka optics are designed and made with the hunter in mind–and that means they are ready for the field! The “Styrka Pride” warranty covers all optics. If hunters ever have a problem, the Styrka optic will be fixed or replaced. Forever. Plus, once a year, hunters can send back their optics, and the company will clean and tune it as needed.

Launched in 2015, Styrka offers a dynamic line up of hunting scopes, binoculars, red dots and spotting scopes. The Styrka philosophy is simple but non-negotiable:  make high quality optics at affordable prices; always tell your customers the truth about what optics can and can’t do; and, stand behind your products 100-percent, forever. Styrka Pride. Styrka Strong.

For more information, please visit WWW.STYRKASTRONG.COM

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