Now Shipping – The Magpul® SL Grip Module for your H&K®



Magpul H&K Products

It’s time to finish upgrading your HK with our Magpul® SL Grip Module. With the genetics of our best-selling line of grips built in, the SL Grip Module offers our TSP texture for better dexterity and an optimized grip angle, giving you increased firearm control and easier access to the fire control components. Add our legendary Magpul reliability to the iconic silhouette of your HK – only at

Magpul® SL Grip Module

Magpul® SL Grip Module
HK94/93®/91® & Semi Shelf HK® Clones

Magpul MP5 Products

We’ve also just helped your HK upgrade with 5-inch and 8-inch SL Hand Guards and our Enhanced Selector Kit. Stop by and check them out at

Magpul® SL Handguards

SL Hand Guards


Magpul® ESK

Magpul® ESK

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Magpul MP5 Products

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