MantisX with Shotguns, Revolvers, and Bows!

We’re mostly engineers, which is why we suck at communicating even the very important stuff to you.  We are working on it.  Kind of.
1) MantisX for Shotgun shooting! We worked with the best shooters and coaches in the world to build the Shotgun app for skeet, trap, and sporting clays.  The infamous Gould Brothers just posted an overview on YouTube so you can see how it works –
watch the Shotgun app overview here (and enter the giveaway to get an X10 for free).  The Mantis Shotgun app works with the X10 and the X7 models.
2) MantisX for Archery! We worked with the best shooters and coaches in the world to build the Archery app.  You can see some of the overview details at  The Mantis Archery app works with the Mantis X10 and X8 models.
3) MantisX for Revolvers! We have some slick adapters for MantisX to work with the crazy geometry of revolvers.  NOTE: these adapters are for dry fire ONLY.  You can find the
BoreRail adapters here.
Note: all of our products help shooters improve more rapidly.
Learn about all the new MantisX models here, then take your pick.  If you have an older model, we have a VERY generous trade-in program.
4) If you’ve read this far, you’re a true fan.  Please know that we feel your undying love in a pure, mathematically quantifiable way.  To honor and obey Newton, we must equally reciprocate that love. We have two new products launching next month that will figuratively blow your mind.  They’re like nothing else we’ve done so far, and they’re like nothing else you’ve experienced before.  One makes a “click-whirr” sound, and the other makes a “pew-clink” sound.  They can be used together or separate, and one will make you giggle.  You’ll want to open that mostly-incoherent announcement email when it lands in your inbox.
Train on,
Team Mantis



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