Steinel Ammunition 45 ACP 185gr. Defensive SCHP Redefines Accuracy and Reliability

Superior accuracy and industry-leading expansion for a totally reliable defensive round.

Twinsburg, Ohio (June 2020)Steinel Ammunition, a premium manufacturer of self-defense, hunting, and target ammunition, introduce its premier 45 ACP self-defense round. Using a 185 grain, lead-free, solid copper hollow point (SCHP) bullet, this round achieved a muzzle velocity of 980 FPS from 4.3” barrels in the FBI gel test. Using shorter barreled guns, such as the 2.5” Smith & Wesson Night Guard resulted in industry-leading expansion.

By producing this Steinel defensive round with the lead-free SCHP bullet in a brass casing, the projectile rapidly expands uniformly when it hits a soft target and is much less likely to over-penetrate the target. The 45 ACP self-defense round has an expansion rate of greater than .8” and penetration of 13.” Steinel’s 45 ACP Defensive SCHP has proven very reliable with no feeding issues and consistent shots in a variety of 45 style pistols from 1911’s to revolvers. This round is perfect for concealed carry, training, and just doing a little range time.

Order online for $24.99 for a box of 20 rounds.

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About Steinel Ammunition Co.

Steinel Ammunition Co. is a premium manufacturer of self-defense, hunting, and target ammunition. While other manufacturers may have a specific product line designated as “match” or “premium,” at Steinel—premium ammunition is all we do.

When you use Steinel pistol or rifle ammo, you can be sure that countless hours of research and testing have gone into every round. Each recipe, component, and assembly are designed to provide you with optimal performance.

Our passion for precision, repeatability, accuracy, and reliability drives our pursuit of perfection. Let our attention to every technical detail provide you with the ammunition you and your gun deserve.

We stand by our products 100 percent with a Satisfaction Guarantee policy.

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