NAUMD Names Sarasota County Fire Department Best Dressed

Annual Awards honor both the departments and suppliers of the uniform program.

Omaha, Neb. (June 2020) – The North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors (NAUMD) has named the Sarasota County Fire Department one of the nation’s best dressed. The Florida agency is one of five winners in NAUMD’s Best Dressed Public Safety Award® Competition, an annual program that recognizes the important role uniforms play in law enforcement and public safety work. The awards honor both the departments and suppliers of the uniform program. NAFECO supplied the winning look. 
You might not think of wool as an option in Florida, but 100% wool fabric is precisely what the Sarasota County Fire Department decided on for their uniforms. That’s because the department believes wool is actually a perfect warm weather option. And when combined with NAFECO’s creativity, the fabric creates a winning look as well. Black and “Old” gold keep the look simple. Traditional bell crown hats and accessories complete the appearance.     
The Best Dressed Public Safety Award® Competition emphasizes the high value of professional, neat, well-fitted and immediately identifiable uniforms in the vitally important role of public safety and law enforcement. The award showcases the dedication of the industry’s uniform professionals to designing and manufacturing the most comfortable, safe and versatile set of apparel possible required to meet the exacting standards of today’s law enforcement professionals.
“If an officer is well dressed and feels good, he or she will project a positive image to the community,” noted NAUMD President Steve Zalkin.
Sarasota County FD earned the best dressed nod for departments with more than 500 members. Others topping the list are Yocha Dehe, CA, Fire Department, Best Dressed First Responder – Under 100 Members; Columbus, OH, Police Department, Best Dressed Law Enforcement – Over 500 Members; Cumberland County, NC, Sheriff’s Office, Best Dressed Law Enforcement, 100 – 500 Members; and Barre, MA, Police Department, Best Dressed Law Enforcement – Under 100 Members:
The Best Dressed Public Safety Award® Competition is open to all public safety departments across North America. Participants must submit a completed entry form, as well as photographs depicting the various uniforms in their program. An independent panel of experts reviews each department’s professional appearance and uniform specifications to determine whether the uniform is appropriate for the type of work being performed. All winning departments and their suppliers receive award plaques. An awards dinner scheduled to honor this year’s recipients has been canceled due to the current health crisis. 
“This year, it is more important than ever to recognize these brave first responders who are on the front lines fighting the Covid pandemic” noted Zalkin. “The NAUMD is proud to honor this year’s winners and all in law enforcement who serve their communities.” 

About North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers and Distributors (NAUMD): The NAUMD was founded in 1932. This association is a community for the uniform and image apparel industry. It is composed of manufacturers, distributors, and associated companies that have a common bond in the future of our industry.
We exist to enable our members to create opportunities for a better future. We do this by connecting ideas and people in ways that provoke conversations and inspire innovation. The NAUMD is about building a community where strategic relationships are formed; problems are solved and meaningful information empowers a better future.

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