Who the hell is running our States and Cities?


We’ve made it through another week and what a week it’s been. Question: who the hell is running our States and Cities? Ans: “progressive” Democrats. Talk about a lackluster group of individuals but as the saying goes citizens get the governments they elect. We have seen rioting, looting and destruction of public monuments. It’s a sad state of affairs and the only remedy is for voters to get with the program and elect competent government. But, enough of this!

So, it’s Friday and time for a shoot the shit.

If you’re new to the sight, I try to schedule a shoot the shit weekly, on Fridays, to help you get your weekend started free from emotional distress. I do that to help you avoid seeing a therapist or using behavioral assistance apps of which there are roughly 1450 on IOS and Android. There’s no need to pay some jackasses that studied psychology so they could understand themselves $150+ an hour to do what you can do during a shoot the shit.

A shoot the shit is a social interaction in which participants don’t need to know anything about the subject being discussed, they’re free to make unsupported comments, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone they wish or change the subject altogether. It can also be implemented via Skype or any other video conferencing service.

Having said that, I’ll get started .

I enjoy watching commercials because to a great extent they are comedic as oppose to informative, NordicTrak is one of them; the Company has been around for years and is well established in the exercise machine spaces. So, how many of you have seen the commercial featuring Sarah and Oliver, in case you haven’t here it is


I think Oliver and Sarah are doing a bit more than bike riding and Sarah likes to be on top, what’s your opinion?

Moving right along…

From time to time, I get questions about what pistols I would recommend. A few years back, it was a fairly easy question for me to answer: SIG, Glock and H&K. However, times have changed and over the years there’s been a veritable cornucopia of excellent striker fired pistols on the market, so I’ve changed  my answer and now say: get what you can find that feels good in your hand. The pictures below were taken at one of the largest gun stores in the state with 9 locations. As you can see this was the only Glock in inventory. As for the rest of the brands, the picture below will tell you everything you need to know.


The sales clerks looked like the life had be sucked out of them. If Dracula existed his victims would look like these poor associates from the store traffic they are dealing with.

Manufacturers are rolling out product by the truck loads as fast as they can build it. It’s unbelievable!

If you shoot 300 AAC try finding a box, online or in the stores, there’s not a box to be had.

Gun ranges are also a mess. You farm boys with plenty of land available don’t know how lucky you are. Gun ranges in the area, are limiting the number of shooters to 10 and limiting range time to 1 to 1.5 hours, so by the time you get setup it’s time to go. If you need to chronograph a load you can just forget it due to range rules and the time it takes to set up, which leads me to a suggestion for any range operator listening.

Set up 1 or 2 lanes equipped with a chronograph at a range depth of 25 yards, it’s all one needs to evaluate your loads. Let your customers reserve time on the lanes and charge accordingly. A Lab Radar would make an excellent chronograph for this application. It would be a welcomed addition to your range.

I’ll close by saying that the country needs our help. We have charlatans in elected positions that lack the love of country and courage to stand up for the citizens they allegedly represent. This should not discourage you, it should anger you, and in this Republic we express that anger at the polls. The November Elections are nearly upon us and I can’t recall a more important event than this years election. Get out and vote.

Have a great weekend. Be safe and try to have a good shoot the shit with your buds or family.



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