Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July

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By H.M. Collins

We Americans declared our freedom from King George in 1776. America has survived for 244 years mainly because we are One. The framers of our Constitution thought long and hard about hardships endured under a monarchy. All this while we were fighting for our independence from the British. After the dust had somewhat settled Ten Amendments were added. They contain the following:

The Constitution and these Amendments must be held least we return to  a form of government far worse than that from which we came. A strong ebb in our love of this Nation is pulling at our moorings.

What will rot our hull, eat our worm shoe, corrode our zincs? Elimination of the filibuster where majority rules? Citizenship or right to vote to those that did not earn it? Open boarders and Globalization? Large Government? National Debt? Health Care? Imports exceeding exports? Enabling in the guise of Welfare? Indoctrination hidden behind the curtain of Education? Elimination of the Electoral College? Defunding the Police? Our history evidenced by Monuments? Abortion? Gay Rights? Reparations? Segregation by two National Anthems? How are we to stow this cargo? Some of it is toxic and fluid. Some of it makes a lot of noise and is abrasive.

When this vessels keel was laid down the holds were designed with freedom and liberty in mind. Many personal liberties I find immoral, but that is between them and their God and no ones business. The stevedores and crew need to quit shouting at each other over it. Some Black’s need to wake up each morning and remember they are Americans. Their ancestors were unfortunate to be slaves, but Blacks are very fortunate indeed to be American. Autres temps, autres moeurs.

I have sailed most oceans and seas in the Northern Hemisphere and lived abroad for nearly five years. Americans live in a country that provides more freedom, opportunity, and a better lifestyle than any country I can think of. Yet within the last eight months we are destroying ourselves from within. A few are pent on mutiny with a course to run us upon rocks and shoals. Race Baiters are fueling a revolution. STOP! We must unite to save the ship. United we stand, divided we fall.

Waters are being tested in New York City. Will lives and property drown in the experiment? The mutineers are turning up an unmarked channel with a huge eddy of swirling patriots. When sliding into the eddy will the crew  unite and save the ship? If lost what will the keel of the new vessel look like? Socialism? Communism? The mutiny is on deck. It must be stopped immediately and decisively with no quarter given. The mutineers? The Leadership of the Democratic Party.

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