Join us in supporting Honorable Law Enforcement


Tired of watching good cops get punished for the mistakes of bad cops? Make your voices heard by joining Desert Tech’s campaign to Honor the Honorable. Accusing innocent people for someone else’s actions is unconstitutional and morally wrong and it needs to stop!

Our campaign will help good agencies with a proven track record of upholding constitutional rights, and serving their communities.


Desert Tech is donating 5% of all revenue made between July 15 – August 15, 2020 from our rifles, conversion kits, DTSS suppressors, DT muzzle brakes, and DT compensators. The donated funds will be used to equip defunded police departments, who desperately need our support, with an equipment package valued at $17,000. Packages will include Desert Tech rifles, Magpul magazines and accessories, Vortex rifle scopes, Atlas Bipods and more.

You can help too

In addition to purchasing qualified products, we also have the option for you to make a donation that goes directly to supporting defunded police.

We have already generated more than $6,000 towards our goal.

Click here to make a donation

We have a new partner

B&T Industries has joined us as a partner in our campaign. They join Vortex Optics, Magpul, and Desert Tech in this effort.

Desert Tech | 801.975.7272 |  |

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