Pro Ears Presents New Stealth Elite Bluetooth Electronic Ear Buds

Grawn, MI (July 22, 2020)- Pro Ears’ new Stealth Elite Bluetooth Electronic Ear Buds are designed for the avid adventurer. The sleek new design and improved ergonomic options provide hi-fidelity sound for music, noise protection, and hearing enhancement while providing Pro Ears’ signature noise cancelling technology. The new Stealth Elite ear buds are ideal for shooting, cycling, flying, hunting, jogging, sporting events, concerts, and industrial applications. The user can maintain situational awareness and safety in noisy environments while enjoying music or talking on the phone.

The Pro Ears Stealth Elite Ear Buds feature three modes of operation; isolation mode, pass-through mode, and amplification mode. Hearing protection operates with or without the included rechargeable Bluetooth lanyard. The Stealth Elite kit includes batteries, Bluetooth lanyard, USB-C charger cord, three sizes of silicone ear tips, four sizes of foam ear tips, and three sizes of optional use ear hooks for greater security on the ear. When not in use, the entire kit can be stowed in a compact Pro Ears carry case with accessory compartment. The Pro Ears Stealth Elite Ear Buds include a one-year warranty from date of purchase.

The Pro Ears Stealth Elite Ear Bud kit includes:

* Replacement batteries
* Bluetooth lanyard
* USB-C charger cord
* Three sizes of silicone ear plugs
* One pair each of XS/S/M/L foam ear buds
* Three sizes of optional use ear hooks for greater security on the ear
* Compact Pro Ears logo carry case

For more information, please visit: WWW.PROEARS.COM

Since 2008, Altus Brands, LLC has acquired and developed small to mid-sized companies in the hunting, and shooting space to unlock their potential for growth. The company has acquired or developed over eleven brands including Pro Ears Hearing Protection and Amplification, Benchmaster, Kwikee Kwiver, and Harmon Scents. Altus Brands, LLC is located at 683 Sullivan Road, Grawn, Michigan 49637.

For more information visit

For more information, please visit WWW.PROEARS.COM

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