You’re Eyes are Getting Heavy, You are Getting Sleepy…

Hypnotize GIFs | TenorT.G.I.F. readers, I hope you’ve had a pleasant week and that you are all wearing your masks. Many of you are reaching the point where you feel you need a therapist, I don’t blame you as we live in difficult times. Many of you business owners are closing your doors on what you’ve worked for all your lives to build. It’s a tough situation, but please before you see a therapist have as large a shoot the shit as you can pull together.

As regular readers know, I’ve been critical of the behavioral science community. In my opinion they are the most incompetent branch of what is otherwise the best healthcare industry in the world. Why do I say this?

I base my opinion on the knowledge that about 60% of students majoring in psychology at our universities do so to understand themselves. Walk up to your favorite psychologist and ask them Dr., what is the first derivative of X? You’ll get a blank stare, and even more surprising is the astonishment on their face when you tell them that it’s 1.

Furthermore, the largest concentration of licensed psychologists are in the States of California, New York and in the District of Columbia. As a vivid demonstration of  colossal ineptitude we all see a mass exodus from the State of California to Texas and from New York to Florida. They flee because of the high cost of living and the highest taxes anywhere in the United States. Now, you’d think that the experience would alter the way the vote; if that’s your assumption, you’d be wrong. These poor bastages (see the Urban Dictionary) continue to vote the same way they did when they lived  in California and New York and expect different results. The District of Columbia is a bit different, there you have Congress who is the only organization on the planet that will add staff positions when they have no customers. There is a high coefficient of determination (math talk that evaluates how good the correlation is between the number of psychologists in the area and the number of bozos.)

In the short video below, which is a snip of the Choice Hotels t.v. ad, I will illustrate my point further;  as a side, I’m a Choice Hotels customer, I have yet to experience a poor stay, rooms are clean, excellent facilities and superb customer care.

So, let’s watch this short video.


A psychologist would ask for your interpretation of the video, to which most people would say two little kids having a blast. The psychologist would likely respond by saying, “I guess you don’t see a black child doing nothing while the white child is doing all the work.” The psychologist would then say to you, what if the black child was pushing the toy car? You would most likely respond that “the black child is doing all the work.” To which the psychologist would say, then you think enslaving a black child is o.k.

There are two important takeaways from this little exercise: a.) just how screwed up the psychologist is and b.) the head games being played on Americans of all races.

I want to share a personal experience. I served with my buddy Willie, until I lost track of him shortly after A School. Willie was an African American from Chicago. As customary, when servicemen got together in those days for a couple of beers, the conversation always transitioned to hot cars and women. It was also generally believed that black men did not engage in oral stimulation of their female partner, so when when we all sat down with Willie and talked about conilingus, speaking in a husky voice, he would say: “All you white motherfuckers are the same. All you think about is sticking your honky ass face in a woman’s crotch. I’m telling y’all right now a man who eats a hole will eat a pole.” Needless to say, Willie did not know what he was missing!

At the time, the services were introducing racial awareness classes for  NCOs and Petty Officers and  Willie said something to me that I will never forget. He said: “We’s been told that we was slaves so long that we starting to believe it. ” Willie probably never finished high school but at that point in time he had a Socrates moment.

We all need to respect one another but if you are a black man or woman don’t drink the Kool Aid that’s being served today because it’s designed to get to your wallet and your vote. Succeeding in 2020 is up to you and nobody can do it for you but remember that you’ll never pick cotton again. 

So this weekend schedule a good shoot the shit. Remember that a shoot the shit has no rules, any topic can be discussed, participants don’t need to know anything about the subject, they are free to make unsupported comments, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone they wish or change the subject.

Be safe, stay healthy and don’t let the crap get to you.

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