The legendary H59 reticle

The Legendary H59 Reticle

Horus Vision reticles are used the world over by the most elite marksmen across every discipline. This week we highlight the H59 and H59-MOA reticles, demonstrating how they can help improve your accuracy.

The H59™ reticle started the revolution of the holdover reticle, causing many of the worlds most elite marksman to continue to use it to this day. With it’s 0.2 miliradian Horus Grid and patented Rapid Range bars, it provides fast and easy to use target range estimation, wind and drop compensation, and use with the Accuracy 1st Speed Shooting Formula.

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The revolutionary H59™ reticle is now available in MOA! With a 1 MOA Horus Grid and our patented Rapid Range bars it provides incredibly fast and easy wind and drop compensation, target range estimation, and Second Shot Correction capabilities making it ideal for those looking for advanced reticle capabilities calibrated in MOA. 

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To learn more watch Kristy Titus, host of Pursue the Wild, as she reviews the NEW H59-MOA reticle!

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