Rock Around the Clock with Galco! PART 2

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Combat Master Belt Holster

PHOENIX, August 2020
Holster choice, and particularly the exact positioning on the body, is intensely
personal. What’s comfortable, fast and concealable for one gun carrier may not
work at all for another. That’s why Galco offers holsters for just about every position on the body, and even includes a helpful “body clock” diagram on most package labels and website product details.
For many decades, strongside behind the hip – from about 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock – was the standard carry position among Americans, and it remains exceedingly
popular today. Galco IWBs suited to this position include the popular
KingTuk™ series, the horsehide Royal Guard™ 2.0, the Summer Comfort™ and the supremely comfortable V-Hawk™. In belt holsters, the Combat Master™, Cop 3 Slot™, Concealable™, FLETCH™, Jak Slide™, Side Snap Scabbard™, and Stinger™ are all fine choices. If the quick on-off ability of a paddle holster is preferred, look to the PLE™, Speed Master™ 2.0 and Wraith 2 designs.
Crossdraw carry remains popular with many shooters, particularly women or men who have lost some shoulder flexibility due to age or injury. Dedicated crossdraw holsters like the
Hornet™ are in the minority, but the DAO™, Phoenix™, SAO™ and Switchback™ outdoor holsters are all designed for strongside or crossdraw carry without so much as adjusting a belt clip.
None of these guidelines are written in stone, of course, and once again it comes back to the personal preferences of the shooter. Some gun carriers will, for example, place an Avenger in front of their hip and be perfectly happy with it. If that works most comfortably and efficiently with their body type, Galco fully supports them!
Finally, many Galco holsters can be adjusted for angle, from crossdraw to vertical to strongside, at the user’s discretion. This makes them the most versatile of all.
Visit to see Galco’s extensive line of holsters that will let you “rock
around the clock”!

PLE Unlined Paddle HolsterRoyal Guard 2.0 Inside the Pant HolsterSpeed Master 2.0 Paddle/Belt Holster

Switchback Strongside/Crossdraw Belt HolsterKingTuk Deluxe IWB HolsterSummer Comfort Inside Pant Holster

Galco International, LTD is the designer and manufacturer of the Galco holster brand, the premier American-made line of superb-quality holsters, belts and accessories. Encompassing law enforcement, military, defensive and sporting use, the Galco brand utilizes leather, nylon, injection-molded plastic and Kydex® to meet the demands of today’s consumers. The award-winning Matrix™ line of holsters and accessories, women’s holster handbags, tactical slings and hunting accessories round out the line. All Galco products are proudly made in the USA since 1969.

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