Knowledge Transfer

What determines skill?

Everyone knows learning a skill is difficult.  It takes time and determination.  But what is the process behind it?  What happens to us on a physiological level that makes our goal more achievable?  Let us take a shallow dive into the process known as Myelination.
Myelin: Think of it as the insulation that covers the nervous system in our brain.  The more of it we have the faster and more efficient the signals for what we are trying to do can travel.
So how do we create more of this incredible substance?  Better yet, how do we create more of it for the skill level we are trying to achieve?
We train.  Many of you have heard the phrase “practice makes perfect”?  False. “Perfect practice makes perfect.” – Vince Lombardi. Focus on your performance of the process, use deliberate practice, and watch those skills improve!
Join us in any of our Disruptive Environments courses to find out how our version of deliberate practice will help you create Myelination and determine your level of skill…
Stay sharp, be safe.


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