Bushnell® Elite Tactical Shooters and Products on Display at National PRS Match

M.Cooper  Bushnell Steel Siege

Team Bushnell Members Place in Top 10
at Bushnell Elite/Vapor Trail Steel Siege

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas – August 21, 2020 – Bushnell®, an industry leader in performance optics, assumed title sponsorship of the Vapor Trail Steel Siege and sent members from its Elite Tactical team to compete in the national Precision Rifle Series (PRS) match. At the conclusion of the match, multiple team members placed in the Top 10 with Elite Tactical riflescopes being used to capture first place wins in the Tactical, Production and Ladies Division.

Hosted by Vapor Trail Valley LLC in Spickard, Missouri, the Bushnell Elite/Vapor Trail Steel Siege featured a mixture of prone, modified prone and positional shooting challenges. Over the course of two days, a highly contested field of over 100 competitors battled through 20 stages, including distances out to 1,400 yards and high-angle target arrays nestled in the area’s natural hills and valleys.

Leading into the final day of the match, members of the Elite Tactical team stayed among the top of their respective divisions and overall standings.

Results for Elite Tactical team members and their optics:

Fifth place: Robert Brantley, Elite Tactical XRS II riflescope

Seventh place: Troy Livesay, Elite Tactical DMR II Pro riflescope

Eleventh place (first place in Tactical Division): Mark Copper, Elite Tactical XRS II riflescope

In field-match style PRS competition, switching winds across open valleys made match conditions difficult. Throughout the match, Elite Tactical optics assisted team members with maximizing their performance. The trackability of Elite Tactical scopes and reticle options for holding, or when dialing for wind, enabled precise shot placement through the 200+ rounds of competition.

In addition, ED Prime glass which is standard on all Elite Tactical XRS II and DMR 2 models, enabled shooter to see mirage and adjust as needed. The scope’s tight tolerances and machine-grade turrets helped to provide audible and tactile confirmation when adjusting without shooters having to look up from the reticle or lose sight of targets.

For more information on Bushnell Elite Tactical, visit https://www.bushnell.com/search?q=elite+tactical&search-button=&lang=default.

Additional information on the Bushnell Elite/Vapor Trail Steel Siege can be found at https://www.facebook.com/vaportrailsteelsiege/.

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