New Weather Monitoring Tools from Kestrel!

New Weather Monitoring Tools From Kestrel!

Introducing the Kestrel 3550AG Spraying Weather Meter and 3550FW Fire Weather Meter– the latest from the trusted line of Kestrel handheld weather monitoring devices. Rugged, affordable, and easy-to-use, the 3550AG and 3550FW feature a full suite of meteorological measurements and come equipped with Bluetooth® connectivity for wireless data capture and shareable reports!

3550AG Spraying
Weather Meter

3550AG Spraying Weather Meter Image

Precise on-site wind, temperature, and humidity awareness are key to avoiding pesticide spray drift liability and maximizing application results. There is no easier and more affordable tool for this job than the new portable, rugged, and Bluetooth-enabled 3550AG Weather Meter.


3550FW Fire
Weather Meter

3550FW Fire Weather Meter Image

Monitor and report real-time fire conditions far more quickly and easily with the new 3550FW. Experience the same rugged reliability and accurate performance that wildland firefighters have trusted for years while enabling them to capture and share critical fire weather data when they need it most.


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Be the first to own the 3550FW or the 3550AG at our discounted price of $159 while supplies last, and provide us your feedback.
*$159 price point while supplies last, original price $199

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