Grey Man Tactical Offers Plate Carrier & Helmet Rack

Introducing the new RMP Plate Carrier Rack™ and the Helmet Rack Kit™

Lafayette, LA – Made in the USA, Grey Man Tactical™ provides ease of transportation, organization and concealment for a wide variety of firearms and accessories, medical supplies, and backpacking/overland gear and accessories.

The brand-new RMP Plate Carrier Rack™ secures your plate carrier firmly to your vehicle seatback RMP™ or anywhere an RMP™ is fastened. With Tough Hook™ integration rated for 150-pound capacity combined with a solid aluminum spacer + RMP Backer Plates™ threaded to accept two ¼ – 20 bolts, the RMP Plate Carrier Rack™ offers durability and longevity while providing rapid deployment of your plate carrier.

In addition to the RMP Plate Carrier Rack™, the brand-new RMP Helmet Rack™ easily mounts your helmet to your vehicle headrest with the 8 X 6 RMP™ or anywhere an RMP™ is fastened. The solid aluminum hook is secured with RMP Backer Plates™ threaded to accept two ¼ – 20 bolts for rugged strength. Slip your helmet strap onto the RMP Helmet Rack™ to have it readily available for quick access.




Pair the RMP Plate Carrier Rack™, available for $90 MSRP, and the Helmet Rack™, available for $50, with your RMP™ to create the ideal rapid deployment solution for personal protection.

Grey Man Tactical™ offers a complete line of vehicle, backpack, case and safe RMP Series™ and accessories to fit all your organizational needs. Key features of the RMP Series™ are:

  • ·     Hand-finished, American made craftsmanship
  • ·     Patented RMP™ (Rigid MOLLE Panel™) Grid Design
  • ·     Universal MOLLE compatibility for customization
  • ·     Weather-resistant, non-corrosive HDPE build
  • ·     Load-bearing, sag-resistant construction
  • ·     Fire resistant
  • ·     Easy installation

GMT™ Guarantee:

Grey Man Tactical™ warranties its products against defects in workmanship and materials. If you have a defective product, we will gladly replace it at no cost to you. This does not apply to third party products.

About GMT™:

In 2012, Paul Capdepon lived in an area where he preferred the contents of his personal gear to not be known. He carried a nondescript commuter-style backpack and wanted the ability to organize EDC-type gear. Not finding a suitable option, Paul decided to adapt the traditional MOLLE-style grid and designed the first Rigid MOLLE Panel™ to insert into any backpack with a 15″ laptop sleeve.

After receiving interest in the Rigid MOLLE Panel™ Paul had made for his own gear, he decided to launch a basic website in 2014 to begin selling them. Paul worked with local manufacturers from his home state of Louisiana as the demand for expanding the range of RMP™ sizes quickly increased. GMT™ has performed extensive testing and evaluations in the most adverse and demanding conditions. GMT™ then incorporated customer feedback to optimize performance in creating a dependable organizational platform.

The RMP Series™ has since been utilized by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies – specifically the DOS, DOJ, DHS, FBI, USMS, USBP, NYPD and LAPD to US Armed Forces, including the US Army, USAF, USN, USMC, USCG and USSOCOM – with implementation in missions assigned across Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and surrounding areas of operation. As a result, the RMP Series™ has yielded over 1,000 Five Star Reviews in our efforts to make critical gear rapidly accessible.

It is our ongoing passion to serve the prepared citizens, outdoorsmen, Law Enforcement, First Responders and Armed Forces communities, and we look forward to continuing to create gear that enables you to perform at the highest standard.

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