NDIA statement on the Section 889 waiver extension


Oct. 6, 2020

NDIA statement on the Section 889 waiver extension
ARLINGTON, VA – The National Defense Industrial Association offers the following statement on the waiver extension of Section 889 part B:
NDIA fully supports the overarching policy objective behind Section 889 part B’s ban on federal contractors using Huawei, ZTE and other entities’ equipment and components, and we applaud the waiver extension through September 2022.
Unfortunately, this waiver extension is focused only on “low-risk, high-volume items,” leaving most of our members, including many small businesses, to contend with a very problematic interim rule. We continue to urge suspending implementation through the end of this fiscal year, allowing for adjustments to the law or for a broader, risk-based strategy making implementation more effective and efficient.
There could not be a worse time to implement this provision as laid out in the law and in the interim rule, as the economic uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 continues. NDIA hopes the decision-makers in the executive branch and Congress will continue to seek a workable solution.

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