Andy Stumpf Officially Becomes Blackhawk’s New Brand Ambassador


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Virginia Beach, Virginia – October 8, 2020 – Decorated Navy SEAL, podcast host, and BASE jump record-holder Andy Stumpf is excited to announce that he is Blackhawk’s newest brand ambassador. He’ll also star in the next episode of Blackhawk’s new film series No Fail, in which Blackhawk tells the story of elite men and women and how their own No Fail Mission shaped them to become the people they are today.

In his 17 years in the United States military, Stumpf executed missions around the globe, fighting the war on terror as a member of some of the most elite combat units in the world, including SEAL Team 6. Today, Stumpf hosts the hit Cleared Hot podcast and is a frequent guest on the Joe Rogan Experience. He’s also an elite skydiver and has held a BASE jump world record for traveling more than 18 miles in a single wingsuit flight. He also commands a following of more than 162,000 Instagram followers.

“I view brand partnerships as an extension of who I am, and I am always looking to partner with brands that fit not only my lifestyle but my philosophy on life,” Stumpf explained. “I search for relationships that are meaningful, thoughtful, and most importantly, purposeful, just like the gear that Blackhawk designs and produces.”

The new No Fail film, due to be released later this month, was shot on location in Montana, and features Andy discussing his own inspiring No Fail insights.

“I am actually not a fan of ‘my story,’ but I do believe in passing on knowledge and honoring those that came before you,” Stumpf said. “My career was successful due to the time, energy, and effort that others put into my training and education, and their careers were successful due to the same efforts from generations prior. I feel obligated to continue passing the knowledge from one generation to another. My story is a microscopic part of a much larger story, but I hope that it can be told, and that the telling helps others.”

Stumpf explained that with their emphasis on top-quality gear and cutting-edge design and technology, partnering with Blackhawk was a natural fit.

“In 2005 I was stationed at a military command that essentially had no budget restraints. We could purchase the highest quality equipment, regardless of cost, with performance as the gold standard and metric. The night that I was shot I was wearing a Blackhawk belt, and I still have it to this day. I was wearing it because it did the job better than any other belt, because it was designed with the end-user in mind, it was designed with a purpose. Coming full circle years later seems like the perfect end to the story, and I can’t think of a better brand that parallels my philosophies.”

For Blackhawk, it’s Stumpf’s emphasis on excellence that makes him such an important partner.

“When I initially heard Andy’s story, I knew that he would be the perfect addition to the Blackhawk team. His story is an excellent example of the importance of having quality gear when it comes to saving your life and he reminds us why quality gear is a non-negotiable,” Blackhawk’s Brand Manager Kendell Palmquist said. “Outside of that, we wanted to work with Andy because he is someone that people look up to, he is well respected in the industry, and he is genuinely a nice guy and a good person.”

About Blackhawk
In 1990, a Navy SEAL was navigating a minefield when his pack failed. As his gear tumbled to the ground, he vowed that if he got out of there alive he would make gear the right way. Today, this obsession with quality applies to everything we do. We’re constantly researching, refining and perfecting every detail to provide gear that won’t let you down. Because we’re not just making stuff – we’re honoring a vow.

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