Measuring Air Flow for Improved Safety and Comfort

Measuring Air Flow for Improved Safety and Comfort

3550AG Spraying Weather Meter Image

Measuring volume air flow could not get any easier than with the Kestrel® 5200 Professional Environmental Meter. Simply input the duct shape and dimensions and traverse the Kestrel 5200 across the duct with the output set to real-time averaging.
Within seconds you will have an accurate volume air flow measurement without the need for any complex, error-prone calculations. Press the capture button to store it in memory and move on to the next measurement location.

The Kestrel 5200 also offers every commonly-used measurement of moisture content in air, including relative humidity and moisture content/humidity ratio or “grains” – making quick work of determining dehumidification equipment needs.
Monitoring air movement should be a routine part of all HVAC performance and preventative maintenance to ensure proper temperature dispersal, oxygen replenishment, and removal of moisture, airborne particles, and contaminants. Kestrel wants to make your job easier with the Kestrel 5200.


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