SAAMI Announces New Affiliated Member Category

SAAMI has added a new membership category, Affiliated Members, to the organization’s body of professional supports.

November 6, 2020


NEWTOWN, Conn. – The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute® (SAAMI®) is pleased to announce that it has added a new membership category, Affiliated Members, to the organization’s body of professional suppliers.
As defined in the SAAMI bylaws, an individual or company eligible for Affiliated Member status is: Any supplier of essential products or services used for the design, manufacture or testing of firearms, ammunition or propellant, including any major component part as defined in Art. V, Section 1, such as ballistic laboratory test and measurement equipment; tool and die makers; gauge and reamer manufacturers; and ballistic testing and materials testing, may be eligible to become a non-voting Affiliate Member of the Institute. 
“None of us is as smart as all of us working towards a common goal,” said Rick Patterson, SAAMI Executive Director. “These companies are an essential part of our industry and including them in our membership body presents a more united industry working to assist in delivering SAAMI’s mission of firearm safety, reliability and interchangeability.”
To learn more about SAAMI, including its available memberships and how to apply, visit

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