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Drones are in vogue and this Christmas shopping season is no different. One of the top sellers for 2020 is projected to be DJI Mavic Mini and Mavic Mini 2. The performance of these tiny drones is just short of astonishing. Video and picture quality are excellent. The Mavic Mini 2 offers 4k video capability and a number of flight control enhancements. Part of their popularity is their size and meager 249 gram takeoff weight. FAA 14CFR Part 107 establishes a registration requirement for drones in the range of 0.55lbs to 55lbs. Weight as defined by the FAA under Part 107 includes any payload. The Mavic Mini’s takeoff weight comes in 0.548951 lbs. (249g) so technically you are under 0.55 lbs. But, lets take a closer look.


This Mavic Mini’s take off weight is 8.66 oz. or 0.54125 lbs.; it’s equipped with a battery and microSD card. It’s clearly under the 0.55 lbs. lower limit but watch what happens when you add propeller guards.


It now weighs 10.35 oz. which translates to 0.646875 lbs. You are now well within the .55lb to 55lbs range and must register your drome with the FAA. As you weigh you course of action, keep in mind that when adding any accessory to the Mavic Mini you’re likely to cross the 0.55 lb. lower limit. Some of those accessories include camera lens filters and there’s more to come. In closing, my recommendation is that you register your Mavic Mini so you can enjoy its considerable features.

To register your drone visit:

Fly safe and stay out of controlled airspace unless you are a licensed Remote Pilot.

Happy Holidays!

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