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Renowned as makers of the world’s finest revolvers, Korth has built a legacy on its superb German engineering. Together, we have brought these to the U.S. market! Built from the ground up, each and every revolver is built with fully machined parts that come from block billet steel. A single gunsmith builds the entire revolver, making each firearm a unique piece of functional art. The world famous roller trigger system found in every Korth offers a smooth trigger pull that is unrivaled.

The brilliant minds behind Korth engineered the quick-change cylinder, allowing a shooter to switch out from a .357 Magnum cylinder to an optional 9mm cylinder in a matter of seconds. With the simple push of a button, your Korth cylinder slides out of the frame for the fastest cylinder change in the industry.

Traditional Korth revolvers come chambered in .357 Magnum, with the optional 9mm cylinder. Beauty meets beast with the new Korth NXR model, which is Korth’s .44 Magnum powerhouse. The addition of the NXS and NXA models were also added, both featuring 8-shot cylinders. These are available in steel and aluminum, along with optional 8-shot 9mm cylinders. 

The quality, craftsmanship, and impeccable styling of Korth revolvers make them a must-have for any gun collection. With unbeatable accuracy, a Korth revolver is the perfect revolver no matter what your use for it is. 



Nighthawk Custom is proud to partner with Cornerstone Bank to offer you an easy and affordable financing option for your Nighthawk Custom purchase. Achieving your dream of owning a Nighthawk Custom gun has never been easier…



To thank our country’s Military and Law Enforcement, Nighthawk Custom offers 10% off retail price to all US Military Veterans and Law Enforcement on Nighthawk Custom products.


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