Legally Armed America to Live-Stream SHOT Show-Themed Video Content




“1791 Summit” Digital Video Alternative

Lake Charles, LA – (November 18, 2020) – For the fifth consecutive year, Legally Armed America will live-stream SHOT Show-themed video content to their audience of one million-plus fans. From Monday, January 18 through Friday, January 22, 2021, the ‘1791 Summit’ will showcase new-for-2021 products and brands while delivering an inside look at the shooting industry to gun enthusiasts.

According to Paul Glasco, President of Legally Armed America and host of the 1791 Summit, “Even though SHOT Show 2021 was canceled because of COVID, we still want our partners in the shooting industry to be able to promote their brands and innovations like they normally would. The 1791 Summit offers a digital video alternative to the in-person experience our fans are used to seeing from us during SHOT Show. The companies that make up our industry have a lot of exciting news to share with folks about their latest product developments, and we’re excited to share that news with our loyal audience,” he added.


Following the same calendar as SHOT Show, beginning on Monday, January 18, the 1791 Summit will live-stream “Range Day” content straight from their gun range in Lake Charles, LA. “While our audience watches, we’ll demonstrate the newest products and advancements with the live-fire excitement they’re used to. During each 15 to 20-minute segment, the folks at home can ask questions in real-time – providing engaging feedback for our industry partners,” Glasco said.


Beginning on Tuesday, January 19 through Friday, January 22, the 1791 Summit will live-stream virtual booth segments from sponsor companies. “These segments are completely up to our partners,” said Glasco. “Companies can take the audience through their actual booth or simply live-stream from their office. They could set up new products in their conference room and talk about them, or they could take the audience behind the scenes of their headquarters to talk with gunsmiths, engineers, or shooters. We can also follow the format we’ve used at SHOT Show where I ask questions and they discuss the products,” he said.


Another option for companies who wish to participate in the 1791 Summit includes 8 short-form segments where Paul Glasco presents a product and discusses what makes it compelling and noteworthy. “These Product Spot segments will be scattered throughout each day of the Rage Day, and Virtual Booth Experience,” said Glasco.


  • Range Day, one (1) 15 to 20-minute, live-fire presentation, and product/brand overview, January 18, 2021
  • Virtual Booth, one (1) 20 to 30-minute, company live-stream, content of choice, January 19-22, 2021
  • Product Highlights, eight (8) 2 to 3-minute, live-stream product descriptions of features and benefits, January 18-22, 2021

“Every year we have live-streamed from SHOT Show has been exciting for our audience and hugely successful for our partners,” Glasco said. “While the 2021 experience can’t have the same electricity of the tradeshow floor in Vegas, we’re confident our fans will tune in to see what’s new.”

About Legally Armed America and Paul Glasco:

Legally Armed America engages more than one million viewers every month through their television show on FOX 29 in Louisiana and Texas, their 220,000+ subscribers on YouTube, exclusive website, and social media outlets. The only Sunday daytime show that rates higher than Legally Armed America is NFL on FOX 29. Hosted by Paul Glasco, Legally Armed America focuses on guns, gear, techniques, and safety. Glasco is a certified instructor in several firearms and safety disciplines and proudly films Legally Armed America in Louisiana and Texas.


Reach out today to learn how to participate in the 1791 Summit. Contact Laura Evans, Director of Marketing, at for more details and pricing.

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