Our Holiday Season Shopping Suggestions


Every year, at this time, we publish a list of giving ideas which we feel make for some exceptional gifts from pretty terrific companies. This year is no exception! So without further ado…

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The top spot for 2020 goes to Mantis Blackbeard AR-15 Trigger Auto-Reset System. If it were within our power, Mantis would be awarded product of the year for its Blackbeard. What Blackbeard allows you to do is to dryfire train with your AR-15, in complete safety, without ever having to use your charging handle. When you pull your trigger, the Blackbeard bolt carrier pulses a laser then using some electromechanical wizardry resets your trigger for the next shot. And, don’t be surprised if you see some additional capabilities in the not too distant future. It is a superb training tool. Blackbeard is available with no laser, red laser, green laser or IR laser. When installed on your AR-15 it renders it completely safe.


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Second on the list is Crimson Trace CTS-1100 3.5X Battle Sight. The optical clarity of this sight is impressive, and speaking conservatively every bit as good as the Trijicon TA01 3X sight. Like the TA01, windage and elevation tracks like a bloodhound and has two major benefits: it’s half the price of the TA01 and you won’t need to speed $300 to have the tritium reticle recharged; instead just replace the battery. Crimson Trace has done an extraordinary job with their optics and red dot line and this is but one example of many.


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Third on our list is Bushnell’s LIL P(RISM). This has to be the coolest little prism sight on the market. It’s the ideal companion for your SBR or pistol platform but certainly not limited to that application. Unlike a red dot sight, if you drain your battery the LIL P’s prism ensures that you have an aiming reticle. It is part of Bushnell’s TAC OPTICS.

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Fourth on the list is Streamlight’s TLR-7A and TLR-8A, which by factors of 10 are the best weapon mounted lights on the market in terms of design, robustness and value. Streamlight redesigned the TLR-7 and TLR-8 to improve ergonomics resulting in the A series lights and light/laser accessories. The TLR-7A and TLR-8A support either a high or low activation switch, and did away with the paddles of the TLR-1; thus creating a more compact accessory suitable to the ubiquitous compact pistol frames.


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Spyderco – It’s impossible to innumerate all of the extraordinary offerings from this Colorado knife and cutlery maker. The company has earned a global reputation for excellence and the admiration of our Armed Forces for the work they’ve done in support of our troops. We had to pick one out of many and I won because I’m the chief cook and bottle washer but Spyderco’s product portfolio is immense.

If you are a fixed blade aficionado, and if you, as I, dig all form of daggers, you’ll want to add Spyderco’s Nightstick to your collection before they sell out. This is an extraordinary offering from Spyderco and a very elegant design from renowned knifemaker Gayle Bradley.

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Last on our list is XS Sight Systems DXT2 NIGHT SIGHTS. XS Sight Systems is a living and breathing example of the ingenuity of our small business sector. The company manufacturers outstanding pistol sights like the DXT2. These sights are combat sights that enable the shooter to pickup the front sight post very quickly. As the company suggests; “just dot the I” XS will also install the sights for you.


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This concludes our recommendations for 2020. In selecting products, we focused on function, durability and value. We selected items from company’s that have demonstrated an unwavering support for their customers and a commitment to innovation and excellence.

Happy holidays from Cherokee Media Group | Auto Remarketing

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