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The title of this post has absolutely nothing to do with this shoot the shit; however, it’s consistent with our objective of contributing to our reader’s cultural awareness. The word Jambo is a Kenyan greeting equivalent to Welcome in English or Bienvenue in French. Mombasa is a beautiful Kenyan coastal city on the Indian Ocean.

OK, it’s Friday and we haven’t had a shoot the shit in a couple of weeks. Why? Because there’s been so much bullshit going around that it’s impossible to identify useful topics to discuss. I’ve also been watching way too many Balance of Nature ads featuring Dr. Roger Bond which is like being hit with a tranquilizer gun!

Getting back to all the B.S. which is influencing people into suicide or think about seeking mental therapy; however, remember that psychologists are just as screwed up as you are, and that a psychologist is a jackass who majored in psychology in order to understand themselves; in most cases they couldn’t pass the Medical College Admissions Test, best known as the MCAT.

What’s a shoot the shit? It’s a social interaction during which anything can be discussed. Participants don’t need to know anything about the subject, are free to make unsupported comments, use uncensured profanity, insult anyone they wish or change the subject altogether. It is as effective as a psychologist, you won’t have to fork out $150+ per hour and no one gives a rats ass if you’re claiming to be Azrael the Archangel. So with that bit of introduction let’s shoot the shit.

I have never been critical of the gay community, some of the nicest and most talented people I know are part of that community, but having said that, I’m a bit confused by all the letters that now describe the various lifestyle choices, I’ll explain.

Historically we’ve transitioned from homosexual to Gay, and continued refinement to include Lesbian. We then included switch hitters which we call Bisexual; giving us the “LGB” acronym. A further evolution occurred to included individuals who are dissatisfied with their gender at birth and desire to be the opposite gender; we identify them as Transgender; bringing us to the LGBT acronym. It’s at this point where things get interesting. Further specificity leads us to identify Queers. I know of no one, including the media, that can tell you what a “Queer” is. Marriam-Webster defines queer as “differing in some way from what is usual or normal.” That definition applies to a broad spectrum of the population; nevertheless, somewhere in the mix “Queer” gets added yielding LGBTQ. But, it doesn’t stop there. Circa 2018 or so we added a plus sign resulting in LGBTQ+. What the hell is a plus individual is that their polarity?

Believe it or not, someone has the answer and she is Amanda Pasciucco (pronounced Pa-shoe-ko).Amanda has been called a catalyst for igniting passion within romantic and sexual relationships! She is a Latina, international coach & speaker who has been featured on CNN, PornHub, Playboy, HuffPost, Men’s Health, Maxim, Daily Mail and more! Amanda has helped transform the intimate lives of those struggling with infertility, sexless relationships, low-desire, arousal, orgasm, and penetration problems. What the hell is a penetration problem?

This is how she breaks down the + in LGBTQ+ .

“intersex, and or asexual, aka the LGBTQIA+ community. For Pasciucco herself, she also utilizes the + sign when referring to the queer community, to indicate pangender or pansexual individuals, and even those in alternative relationship communities, such as polyamory, kink, or non-monogamy.”

I wonder how she would classify these two scenes from La Cage aux Folles? A French classic portraying, in a comedic style, the lives of a cabaret owner and his partner. The English version is available and will crack you up. The video captures two scenes, one is a breakfast discussion planning how they will act when they meet the very conservative parents of their son’s fiance’ ; the other scene is the actual meeting itself.

I’ll guarantee you never knew all this, well now you do, and in closing, in 2020 you have LGBTQIA+

On a more serious note…

The COVID-19 extravaganza has become a circus. Poor Dr. Fauci has to be sitting there saying “minchia, figghiu de la buttana.” The man has put up with more insults than Donald J. Trump himself, and all of the b.s., almost exclusively from the media attempting to leverage the pandemic to damage the President, has led to unwarranted public fear.

The Trump administration may end up being canonized for their work in getting two vaccines ready to roll out as soon as the FDA approves them. Still seeking to damage the President, they are promoting the idea that there may be serious side effects. So, let’s understand just how revolutionary these vaccines are.

These mRNA vaccines enter the body via injection. The mRNA, or messenger RNA, instructs the human cell to produce the same protein found on the tip of the coronavirus spike. Note that the cell is not producing a virus, it’s producing the protein found at the tip of the spike. Once that protein is released into the cellular milieu, the T-cells say WTF is this and they start producing antibodies specific to that protein. In the event of a subsequent COVID infection, the immune system immediately recognizes the virus and directs antibodies to immediately attach to the tip of the coronavirus spike preventing the virus from infecting the cell. The coronavirus needs a host cell in order to reproduce, if it can’t reproduce it dies.

There is absolutely no need to fear the vaccine. Any side effect will be short-lived and quite likely mild. Don’t let the bullshit aired by the media influence your decision to get the vaccine. If you have questions, engage your physician but get the vaccine as soon as you can, and encourage your friends and family members to do the same.

The last topic …

Many of you will buy or receive an sUAV (a small drone with a takeoff weight of .55lbs to 55lbs) – remember you may need to register your drone with the FAA if it falls within that weight range, they’ll charge you $5 for 3 years. There’s also been some changes impacting flight.

Both recreational and licensed pilots may now fly in controlled air space but you’ll need air traffic control authorization (ATC). Do not contact by radio or call ATC, to obtain authorization you must use the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability or LAANC (pronounced LANCE).

There are two apps that I can recommend as indispensable tools to receive automated ATC authorization; they are AirMap and Kittyhawk. I know they’re both available for Android but I haven’t check iOS.

When you fly, you still must maintain visual line of sight at all times, not exceed a ground speed of 100 mph and not exceed 400 ft. in altitude above ground level (AGL). Likely altitude restrictions in controlled airspace will likely be in the range of 100 ft to 200 ft. AGL Both apps will use your smart device’s GPS location to correlate airspace, weather and notices for your area of intended operation.

Automated Airspace Authorization is Here - AirMap

AirMap app screen showing what the altitude limits are in the controlled airspace at that geographic location.

Introducing Flight Deck | Kittyhawk

Kittyhawk app flight deck screen

This is what an automated authorization looks like. You’ll receive it via email and text message. Your authorized flight will have a confirmation number. Depending on the airspace, you may have to schedule your light providing 24 hr. notice.

You’ll want to devote the time to become proficient with these apps. I use AirMap but both apps are excellent and provide automatic authorizations. Note that the FAA is getting serious about integrating sUAV into the National Air Space. Last but not least, do not interfere with manned aircraft. I was having a conversation with one of the FAA agents and he shared a story that surprised me. The police department wanted to launch a drone during an operation but there was a news helicopter over the scene, the news helicopter had the right of way. Fly safe and enjoy your drone.

Update 21 Dec 2020

If you are an iPad or iPhone user, LAANC services are available here.

Have a great weekend! Be safe, stay healthy, get vaccinated as soon as possible and schedule your own shoot the shit!

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