Galco’s Ankle Glove for Kimber K6S!

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Ankle Glove

PHOENIX, December 2020
In a world with a currently uncertain future, many gun carriers are choosing to carry a second or “backup” handgun. Ankle holsters can be ideal in this case, and are particularly useful for gun carriers who are seated for much of the day. Galco’s premium option is the famous
Ankle Glove™ — now available for the extremely popular Kimber K6S 2” revolver!
The Ankle Glove’s wide, breathable neoprene ankle band and hook-and-loop closure offer extended wearing comfort and unmatched security. Sheepskin padding between the holster and ankle greatly enhances wearer comfort when worn for extended hours, even in the summer heat. It features a reinforced thumb break for speed of draw and detailed molding for firearm retention. Premium steerhide holster pocket construction ensures long-term durability.
The Ankle Glove may be worn with or without the optional adjustable
calf strap (sold separately). The Ankle Glove accommodates ankles up to 13″ in circumference, with an optional Boot Extender™ also available for those who wear boots or have larger ankles.
Available in black, the Ankle Glove retails for $130.
See Galco’s complete line of ankle holsters and accessories at!

Ankle Glove

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