This 2.25 hour video takes you through 140 question that you may encounter on your exam. Who needs a remote pilot certification? I’ll give just a few relevant examples.

  1. If you are a training facility and you use a drone, more specifically an sUAV, to incorporate ISR capabilities in the training the FAA considers it commercial application.
  2. If you have a monetized You Tube channel and you use drone video footage, that is a commercial application.
  3. If you are being compensated for drone services, photography, videography, surveillance or aerial inspection; all of these are commercial application

The FAA is working diligently to integrate drones into the National Airspace, or NAS, and they are making sure that drone pilots are competent in Visual Flight Rules, Weather, Loading, Weight and balance as well as Part 107 rules. The FAA has approximately 1.7 million registered drones and they estimate that there is an additional 2 million that are not registered. That number will increase so they want to make sure you know what your doing.

This video does an excellent job of introducing the test as well as explaining important concepts.

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