Did You Get That Christmas Drone?

5 reasons why a drone is the perfect Christmas gift

I hope you’ve all had a Joyous Christmas and that Santa brought all the goodies on your wish list, but if that wish list included a drone you may want to keep it grounded until you come up to speed on FAA Part 107. To help you with that, I’m posting a Webinar (36 min) hosted by AirMap. It does an excellent job  of presenting LAANC. Remember that you cannot fly in controlled airspace without FAA authorization, and using LAANC provides you with an approved and efficient system to do that.

An excellent resource for you is the firm of Ruppercht Law P.A. they practice  Drone Law and Drone Attorney Assistance. Johnathan published an informative piece “ Drone Pilot Received $182,000 Proposed Fine.”  It’s an important  read for you because it drives home the point that the FAA is very serious about 14CFR Part 107 compliance.

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