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HOUSTON, TEXASPrimary Arms Optics has announced the release of a new reticle configuration for the GLx 2.5-10x44mm FFP Rifle Scope (MPN: 610143). The ACSS® Griffin™ MIL reticle brings the advanced ranging tools and innovative horseshoe design of traditional ACSS reticles to a MIL-grid system. Even with the new ACSS Griffin MIL reticle, this scope maintains its favorable price at $649.99.
GLx 2.5-10×44 is built to enhance both agility and accuracy of mid-range precision rifles. GLx scopes bring premium technology and materials to an approachable price range, and this scope is no exception. The fully multi-coated, low-dispersion glass provides exceptional light transmission for a clearer sight picture downrange, while the lightweight body and 2.5x minimum magnification improve handling speeds in close quarters. In addition, the large eyebox and daylight bright illumination assist in rapid target acquisition, allowing the user to take full advantage of their ACSS reticle system. As with other GLx scopes, GLx 2.5-10x44mm FFP Rifle Scopes come with enhanced locking turrets with return to zero, AutoLive™ motion sensing reticle illumination, and our hardened steel-on-steel adjustment system.
The ACSS Griffin MIL reticle is an advanced MIL-grid reticle that integrates ranging and acquisition tools from Primary Arms’ patented ACSS reticle system. This includes both vertical and horizontal ranging brackets, as well as a bold outer horseshoe for fast acquisition on low magnification. While the MIL grid can be used for most holdovers, users can also leverage the scope’s turrets and chevron aiming point for exact precision at longer distances.

“The ACSS Griffin MIL is a pro’s reticle, providing CQB (Close Quarter Battle), mid-range UKD (unknown distances) and exact mil/mil firing solutions hold overs in one system,” says Dimitri Mikroulis, inventor of the ACSS reticle system.

Primary Arms Optics
Started in 2007, Primary Arms Optics seek to provide the best optics you can get for any budget. Utilizing the highly regarded, repeatedly-proven ACSS® reticle, Primary Arms optics boast unparalleled precision and adaptability for superior performance across ranges. With four product tiers available (Classic, SLx, GLx, PLx), anyone can afford to equip themselves with the latest in optics technology. In addition, every product is backed with Primary Arms’ total commitment to customer satisfaction.

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