HELLO 2021 !


It’s Friday and time to think about kicking off the weekend with our first shoot the shit of the year.

Christmas and the Holiday Season is now behind us and we march into 2021 hopeful that the challenges and stressors of 2020 are behind us. Really? Think again, 2021 has the makings of an equally difficult year. If it’s not the election results, it’s a group of people that overdosed on Red Dawn films or a Congress that is more interested in making the other party look bad than identifying, prioritizing, and working collaboratively to address the country’s needs. We have an economy that’s still sputtering and people are stretched to the limits. So, what was the priority? Impeaching Donald J Trump. The priority was to keep Trump from being able to run again. It’s enough to make run to your nearest therapist. Stop; instead, give Congressman Eric Swalwell a call and see if you can get Fang Fang’s phone number.

Folks, remember that a therapist is a jackass who majored is psychology so they could understand themselves. You don’t need to hand over $150 per hour when you can do it for free with a good shoot the shit. So, what is a shoot the shit?

It’s a social interaction during which any topic can be discussed; for example, If you think that VP-Elect Kamala Harris has a neck that looks like Mike Tobin’s (Fox News ), and that she got like that because Willie Brown was making her do neck bridges, you can talk about that. Participants in a shoot the shit don’t need to know anything about the topic, they are free to make any unsupported comment, use uncensured profanity, insult anyone they wish or change the subject altogether. So, forget social media and get a good shoot the shit going with your buds or family, you’ll be amazed at how effective it is.

What did you guys get for Christmas?

I got a Fix It Stix Scope Jack which has to be the coolest tool. The Scope Jack attaches to your rail directly underneath the flat part of your optic. Once installed, you elevate a steel jack and rotate the scope until it sits flat on the jack. Your scope reticle is now level. No more hanging plumb lines or bubble levels on your elevation turret. If your rifle is canted, no sweat. It’s only usable on railed platforms and if your reticles are canted from the factory then that’s a separate issue. I’ve used it a couple of times and it works like a champ.

I also got the customary clothing articles, cologne, etc.

ammo shortage

If you think that ammunition availability will improve in 2021, think again. The scuttlebutt is signaling that not only will ammunition be hard to find, but if you find it will be 3%-15% higher in price. This may be an excellent opportunity for reloaders to start a small business or make a few bucks on the side. I haven’t seen .45ACP in months and I’m seeing 50 round boxes of 124 gr 9mm going for $69.99. I hope this will end soon but I’m not optimistic.

Let’s talk briefly about the political climate.

Folks, attacking the U.S. Capitol, or any other government building, is not the way to demonstrate your frustration. People were killed, one a 14 year female USAF veteran. This assault did nothing to help your cause; the only thing you succeeded in doing is getting a group of people who were there in peaceful protest designated domestic terrorists. We live in a country where, from our very beginnings, the Founding Fathers created the mechanism by which to express your disagreements without assaulting a government building.

Globally this situation was blamed on Donald Trump, I disagree with that. The burden falls on a Congress that has alienated the public in pursuit of agendas. Agendas not thoroughly analyzed and formulated by way of anal extraction. I guess that approach is easier than having to slug it out. Congress needs to sit down, grow up and not act like adolescents to address the needs of the country and its citizens. Globally we look like Jackasses! How the hell can you lead when you can’t sit down collectively and work through these challenges. And, for those in Congress that want to defund the police think carefully about where you would be were it not for the Capitol Police. It’s not just you that needs a well funded and functional police department. We have demonstrated to the world how completely inefficient our Democracy is, how utterly sad that is.

Do you know what China’s Xi Jinping is doing everyday this goes on?


Have a great weekend! Be safe, get your vaccine and schedule your own shoot the shit, it’s good for you!

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