Iveco Defence Vehicles at IDEX 2021

IDEX 2021 (21st – 25th February) represents not only a symbolic restart but also gives Iveco Defense Vehicles the chance to display its newest developments and to highlight its latest commercial successes to customers and visitors to the show.

The Iveco 4×4 MTV – Medium Tactical Vehicles [©Iveco Defense Vehicles]

MTV – Medium Tactical Vehicle: Iveco Defense Vehicles benefits from a consolidated experience in the domain of multirole protected vehicles, with the best seller Light Multirole Vehicle LMV 1, adopted by 14 Countries, and the heavier Medium Protected Vehicle MPV in service in Italy and Lebanon. Both vehicles have already been extensively deployed in high-risk operations where a great number of soldiers have been saved during ballistic/mines/IEDs attacks, fulfilling one of the primary goals required by any customer. The range has been completed by a brand-new vehicle, the Medium Tactical Vehicle MTV, presented in IDEX for the first time.

Iveco Defense Vehicles multirole vehicles range now includes vehicles between 7 and 19 tons GVW: MUV – Multirole Utility Vehicle, LMV 1 and LMV 2 – Light Multirole Vehicle, MPV – Medium Protected Vehicle and the new-born MTV – Medium Tactical Vehicle, with a GVW of 12,000 kg, which fills a gap much requested by the market. MTV is a modular and versatile vehicle platform, common base for all its variants, both protected and unprotected. This high-performance vehicle efficiently adapts to a variety of users: Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Special Operations Units and Military Police.

The common elements of the different variants are the 6-cylinders 6.7 liters Diesel engine, able to reach 207 kW of power and 1000 Nm of torque, the automated transmission and the permanent 4×4 wheel-drive with 3 fully lockable differentials and high and low gears. Protection is a fundamental feature as well: Iveco Defense Vehicles has made use of its deep expertise gained with LMV and MPV platforms. MTV variants, short and long cab and monocoque, are manufactured from ballistic steel and benefit from an add-on steel protection kit, which increases the ballistic and blast protection levels.

In terms of crew transportation, the Soft-Top and Hard-Top versions can accommodate a team of 2+2. The Pick-up can accommodate a crew of 2. The Casualty transport can accommodate a crew of 2+2 lying or 2+4 sitting casualties. The Military Police / Air Force Security Vehicle can accommodate a crew of 2+6. Moreover, MTV benefits from the latest digital systems, with CANBUS J1939, ready for C4I systems, in combination with EMI/EMC according to standards MIL-STD 461 and AECTP 500.

The MTV platform has been selected by the Dutch Ministry of Defence for the “DVOW 12kN and RCWS”, that foresees the procurement of 12kN vehicles, 120 of them fitted with a Remotely Controlled Weapon Station. This project has by far been the biggest procurement plan in Europe for multirole vehicles over the last 10 years, both in terms of budget and number of vehicles. On November 28th, 2019, Iveco Defense Vehicles signed the contract with the Dutch Ministry of Defence to initially provide 918 medium multirole protected vehicles. In December 2020, an additional batch of 267 vehicles has been ordered by the Dutch MoD increasing the fleet to a total of 1185 units.

The Iveco SUPERAV Land is a derivative of the US Marine Corps ACV 1.1 contender [©Iveco Defense Vehicles]

SUPERAV Land: Iveco Defense Vehicles has a long-standing tradition of excellence in developing wheeled armored platforms that dates back to the 1930s, when the plant was established in Bolzano, Northern Italy. Since then, the company has developed several 4×4 armored vehicles for the Italian Army, but the most significant experience comes from the development of the Centauro 8×8 armored fighting vehicle and its successor, the Centauro2.

The new SUPERAV Land 8×8 armored vehicle represents a new era for the evolution of the company’s land platforms. Inspiration came from SUPERAV 8×8 amphibious armored vehicle, protagonist of the US Marine Corps ACV 1.1 program, which BAE Systems was awarded, in partnership with Iveco Defense Vehicles.

SUPERAV Land has been independently developed by Iveco Defense Vehicles, starting from SUPERAV 8×8 design, with the purpose of providing a modular vehicle for land operation with higher protection level and survivability, while relying on high-level system reliability, thoroughly assessed during thousands of hours of demanding performance and capabilities tests. Equipped with a new generation Iveco 6-cylinder multi-fuel engine with 700 horsepower and 3.000 Nm torque, coupled with an automatic 7 speed transmission coupled with retarder and with proprietary H-type driveline, SUPERAV Land provides unique performance in terms of speed and acceleration, performing best-in-class mobility on all terrains.

The suspended interior seat structure can host up to 8 troops while the positions for the crew are 3. Thanks to an ideal combination of power, protection and payload, SUPERAV Land guarantees improved survivability against KE-threats, mines as well as IEDs and force protection over currently fielded systems. Its modular reinforced roof is designed to maximize compatibility with different unmanned turrets allowing uncompromised protection for the team and ensuring higher internal volumes and ergonomics. Nonetheless, SUPERAV Land is designed to accommodate extensive Government Furnished Equipment, including turrets, radios, Battery Management System, intercom and Electronic Counter Measures.

The vehicle is extremely adaptable to be deployed as APC – Armored Personnel Carrier, CP – Command Post, IFV – Infantry Fighting Vehicle and ARV – Armored Recovery Vehicle variants.

Iveco Defence Vehicles is a brand of CNH Industrial N.V., a World leader in Capital Goods listed on the New
York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CNHI) and on the Mercato Telematico Azionario of the Borsa Italiana (MI: CNHI).
Iveco Defense Vehicles is dedicated to delivering innovative automotive and protection solutions to meet the
needs of military customers worldwide. The company manufactures specialist logistic, protected and armored
vehicles in its facility in Bolzano in Northern Italy, as well as marketing Iveco’s full commercial range, adapted as
necessary to meet the demands of the military user. In consequence, Iveco Defense Vehicles has a full range of
vehicles to meet a broad spectrum of defense applications. More information can be found on the website:

CNH Industrial N.V.
(NYSE: CNHI /MI: CNHI) is a global leader in the capital goods sector with established
industrial experience, a wide range of products and a worldwide presence. Each of the individual brands belonging
to the Company is a major international force in its specific industrial sector: Case IH, New Holland Agriculture
and Steyr for tractors and agricultural machinery; Case and New Holland Construction for earth moving
equipment; Iveco for commercial vehicles; Iveco Bus and Heuliez Bus for buses and coaches; Iveco Astra for
quarry and construction vehicles; Magirus for firefighting vehicles; Iveco Defense Vehicles for defense and civil
protection; and FPT Industrial for engines and transmissions. More information can be found on the corporate

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