The legend continues with the HK SP5

The HK SP5. The legend continues.

The Heckler & Koch MP5 is arguably the most imitated pistol-caliber carbine in the world. But, even a pretty good copy is still just a copy. The truth is, you can only get a real HK from HK. And now, there is finally an authentic sporting version of the MP5 in the U.S. And, it’s a real HK.

The new SP5 makes all those generic MP5 copies look like nothing more than gun store consolidation prizes.

The SP5 was developed by Heckler & Koch as a semiautomatic, civilian sporting pistol that matches the look and feel of the legendary MP5 submachine gun. The backbone of the SP5 is the roller-delayed blowback operating system, which is legendary for its accuracy, reliability and smooth shooting dynamic. And, as the world’s most popular pistol-caliber carbine platform, the SP5 is supported by an aftermarket loaded with accessories and customization options, providing everything you need to make your own legally registered short-barreled rifle.

The SP5 is available in standard configuration or the limited production SP5K-PDW semiautomatic civilian sporting version of the ultimate close-quarters weapon: the HK MP5K. The “K” designation is from the German word for short, “kurz,” thus the K model’s shorter barrel and receiver.

HK. Who wants a copy when you can own the real thing?


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