Introducing our new Adaptive Precision Grip.

Does MK Machining offer a military discount? — Knoji

Adaptive Precision Grip

Vertical.  Modular.  Customizable.

We wanted to make a precision oriented grip that wasn’t dedicated to a specific purpose.  So, we did.  With interchangeable grip panels, thumb rests, and more ideas planned, this grip can fill a variety of roles.

Get a Grip

Different textures for different folks.  Depending on just how secure you want your grip to be, we’ve got a variety of options. 

Textures In Dropdown Menu

For those concerned mainly with precision work, a thumb rest was a very popular request.  Initially there are three offerings available for just $9.99.  These slide into a T-slot on the grip chassis, and are secured when the grip is bolted onto a firearm.
A “blank” T-Slot filler is included with a grip, thumb rests are optional.

Thumb Rest Add-On Pack

We have inventory conservatively set on the site, with backorders allowed. Email if you’ve got any questions.  Figure one week for shipping and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
As always, thanks for supporting a small USA business.

Grip It. Grip It Good.

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