Constipation Could Lead to Erectile Dysfunction

url1You’ve made it through another week and marked the one year anniversary of COVID19 lockdown and all of its problems. It’s been difficult and stressful. Kids are remote learning, you’re probably dealing with business difficulties or a variety of financial pressures.  But, you’ve been listing to me and avoided seeing a therapist; otherwise know as a jackass who studied psychology so they could understand themselves. They may even have a psychiatrist prescribe antidepressants, such as the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor fluoxetine (Prozac) or tricyclic antidepressants such as amitriptyline (Elavil) both of which have been known to cause constipation.

As you struggle to overcome your constipation, you pay a visit to your primary care physician who prescribes Movantik (normally used for opioid induced constipation), which its television ad suggests that a possible side effects is erectile dysfunction.  You then would need to seek out some Acoustic Wave Protocol delivered in a series of short painless treatments to the penis using pulsating acoustical sound waves.

Instead, you’ve wisely opted to save the $150+ per hour and take your family out to dinner when your favorite restaurant opens back up.

So, let’s have a short shoot the shit.

There are a number of behavioral issues that have surfaced during the COVID pandemic and its corresponding isolation, one of which is the frequency of sex.

In the UK, Vibio which is a a women-owned sextech startup released a study in partnership with Aperio Insights examining how COVID-19 has impacted sex and relationships, as well as general mental health and well-being.

Here are some of their findings:

  • “ Couples are having less sex and singles are masturbating more – but both are becoming more explorative. 51% of all respondents have had more interest in sexual fantasies and experimentation since Covid-19.”
  • “Women were more interested in threesomes and new sexual partners who are a different gender than their primary partner”
  • “Singles are masturbating more, 66% masturbating more than once per week — up from 53% before the pandemic”
  • “The most popular sex toy purchases during the pandemic for women were clitoral stimulators and vibrating dildos.
  • “For men, the most popular toys were handcuffs/restraints and dildos”

These finding may have you considering a change of residence.

New York City Health Recommends:

  • If you make a living from sex work, the guide suggests utilizing technology instead of in-person dates by setting up “sexy ‘Zoom’ parties,” chat rooms, or a subscription-based platform (such as “OnlyFans”).
  • Or, If you’re doing it through a wall or via video chat isn’t really your style, the guide recommends wearing a face covering during physical interactions or masturbating with your partner instead. If you’re not wearing something over your face during sex, be wary of heavy breathing and panting, since those behaviors could further spread the virus.

In closing, I want you guys to go out and get vaccinated, disregard what you hear on Twitter, Facebook and other social media. I’ve had both doses with no issues we’re nearing the herd immunity point and we need to make that 10 yard line push. Have a great weekend and schedule a shoot the shit with your buds or family.

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