Federal Sponsored Shooters Dominate the 2021 Triple J Classic


ANOKA, Minnesota – March 17, 2021 – Team Federal congratulates Jason Ward, Houston Deshotels and Melissa Barringer for their impressive performances this past weekend. These shooters dominated the 2021 Inaugural Triple J Classic skeet event, held March 11-14, and was hosted at the National Shooting Complex, in San Antonio, Texas.

“This new competition is—and will continue to be—one of the largest skeet events for the NSSA,” said Mike Hampton Sr., Team Federal’s Manager for Shotgun Sports. “It certainly has been a great start for Team Federal so far this year, and this competition proved no different. Federal had a great showing at the event, and we are very proud of how our sponsored shotgun sport shooters did at this shoot.”

With more than 270 shooters, Federal dominated the list of winners which was very visible during the event. Jason Ward won the 28, 410, HOA and HAA events. Houston Deshotels won the 12 and received HOA runner-up honors. Melissa Barringer won all the Ladies events, placed 3rd in the HOA, and was the runner-up in the 20-gauge division.

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Federal is the official shotshell ammunition sponsor and supplier of USA Shooting, a non-profit organization that promotes the shooting sports and prepares American athletes to bring home gold. Federal is also a large supporter of the Amateur Trap Association (ATA), National Skeet Shooters Association (NSSA), National Sporting Clays Association (NSCA), and many other national, regional and state shooting sports organizations.

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