Our Environment Could be Contributing to Small Packages

Beijing Air Pollution

Hopefully, you’ve all had a great week, but seriously folks between the ammo shortage, 24 x 7 coverage of the “BORDER CRISES” and COVID I’m ready for a good shoot the shit. I’ve come to the conclusion that many of the mental disorders and stressors afflicting people today are the product of a news media that does not report anything that’s positive. Case in point…

We had two short-circuited squirrels that decided to go on a shooting rampage in Atlanta, GA and Boulder, CO. Personally the Atlanta shootings may have been due to a size comment made by the Atlanta masseuse during a happy ending. Who the hell knows, but, predictably, Democrats failed to attribute the events to a couple of genetic defects; choosing to blame the firearms because it plays well with the media. Ladies and gentlemen, I have yet to have a firearm suggest that I go out and shoot someone. We literally have elected officials saying to their constituents that the AR15 is a weapon of war like what he was given in Afghanistan. The guy is either completely inept or a liar, I think the later is the more accurate assessment.

It’s enough to drive you to therapy; however, this means seeing a psychologist otherwise know as a jackass who majored in Psych so they could understand themselves. So what’s the alternative?  Have a good shoot the shit! What’s a shoot the shit say you?

A shoot the shit is a social interaction during which any topic can be discussed. Participants don’t need to know anything about the topic being discussed, they are free to make unsupported comments, use uncensured profanity, insult anyone the wish or change the subject altogether. The efficacy of a good shoot the shit is far better than a therapist and will save you $150+ per hour.

So let’s get started.

Modular Driven Technologies a.k.a. MDT is a Canadian Company , located in British Columbia. A number of years ago, the Company introduced the TAC21 chassis for precision rifles and shooters. The design was revolutionary but more importantly they were able to do it at a very competitive price. They’ve come a long way since then producing an array of modular enhancements, magazines and other accessories to enhance the precision rifle. On April 1st, 2021, someone suffered  a mental lapse and decided to introduce the MDT MLOK Hat. It had to be the result of a Canadian COVID variant or maple syrup overdose. However, you can be assured that someone will buy the hat.

On a more serious note…

Euronews published an article “PENISES ARE SHRINKING BECAUSE OF POLLUTION, WARNS ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENTIST” revealing the work of Dr Shanna Swan’s who in her book “Count Down” argues that our modern world is altering humans’ reproductive development and threatening the future of our species. Her book outlines how pollution is leading to higher rates of erectile dysfunction, fertility decline, and growing numbers of babies born with small penises. According to Dr Swan’s research, this disruption in genital development  is caused by phthalates, chemicals used in plastic manufacturing, which can impact how the hormone endocrine is produced. Dr. Swan has written a number of papers on what she believes is a decline in the female sex drive, which is understandable given the reduction in male size. It also explains the documented increase in demand for large adult toys.

In the India Today article “Human penises shrinking due to pollution: Scientist” they report that a scientist, Dr, Shana Swan, has claimed that human penises are shrinking and a number of babies are being born with smaller penises due to pollution. Most of the research appears to be driven by a baby’s penis size. No discussion on methodology is made in these articles but there are very specific ways of measuring penis sizes.

The casual suggestion in all this is that climate change, which some in the scientific community believe is driven by the pollution of our air and oceans will result in a reduction of male genital size. So, being inundated by rising ocean waters is not the only threat you could experience.

There is an Old Wives’ Tale about Chinese men having much smaller penises. It may not be an Old Wives’ Tale after all; given the pollution the Chinese are generating.

With Easter Sunday just around the corner we find ourselves thinking about what happens when we die. The internet helps us answer that nagging question. In cyber space, you’ll find a number of sights that can help you determine if you’re going to Heaven, they’ll introduce you to people that have been to Heaven, or suggest what you need to say to get there. One such site is Heaven or Not.

We’re living in very difficult times but the end is at hand so keep those sweat pumps in low speed. Schedule a shoot the shit with your buds and family it works wonders especially when supported by a good BBQ.


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