Southern GRIND and Diamondback Firearms Announcement

An Announcement from Southern GRIND Knife Co.

To our Southern GRIND family,

For more than a decade you have depended on Zac Brown’s Southern GRIND Knife Co. to consistently develop and deliver dependable and innovative knife designs. Without you and your support we could have never been as successful as we were! For this, we are forever grateful! It is with that same gratitude we are extremely excited to inform you that Zac has found a way to continue building these designs here in the US while providing you the same quality products and new designs that you’ve come to expect!

Zac is excited to announce that he has signed over the company as well as the future production to Southern GRIND’s longtime friend and manufacturing mentor Diamondback Firearms! The Diamondback Family has done an incredible job assembling a passionate team of craftsmen that have built a respected US brand fully capable of moving forward with Zac’s GRIND line of knives! Although the physical equipment may be changing hands, the quality and designs will always represent GRIND’s proven track record of using extremely high quality materials, as well as an unparalleled attention to detail to always deliver a line of knives where only the best will make the cut!

Rest assured that any GRIND relationships are still thriving, all warranties still exist and any questions about previous or future conversations always welcomed. If we can help provide you with any additional details, directions or knives, please do not hesitate to reach out:

Thanks again for your continued support!

Zac and the GRIND team

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