Safariland Announces Formation of⚡CADRE

The Safariland Group


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A selected group of specially trained and skilled individuals; for one specific purpose or mission. Advocates for the Safariland products and mission to save lives with integrity, loyalty and grit.


CADRE is a new breed of what it means to be a brand ambassador. No longer will these individuals be seen as influencers in the markets we touch, but contributors to the future of our products. Founded in 2021, CADRE erupted after the legacy of TEAM SAFARILAND, which was established in 1985 as the first corporate-sponsored competitive shooting team in the industry.
The CADRE bring years of first-hand experience and expertise in product application, life dependent scenarios and training capabilities. Spanning from professionals in Law Enforcement & Military to huntsman, competitors, business owners and family members.
Among them are a retired Special Forces SGT. Major, a competitive mounted shooter and veteran of the 75th Army Ranger Regiment, a Tactical Games athlete, conservationists and huntsmen, competitive shooting champions and instructors, business owners, a SWAT Team Leader, law enforcement officers, veterans, and a family of five competitive shooters.
With these backgrounds and mindsets, collectively they will bring authentic product feedback from the field to Safariland to elevate our products and increase our ability to save lives.

Safariland CADRE


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