NDIA Virtual Special Operations Forces Industry Conference 2021 Kicks Off.

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Virtual SOFIC 2021 kicked off today. This annual conference normally held in Tampa, FL, home of USSOCOM, went virtual for 2021. NDIA and USSOCOM needs to be congratulated for the elegance and professionalism of the event. Over the next three days, USSOCOM will be communicating its needs and priorities to the Defense Industrial Community.

The takeaway from today’s opening remarks is the emphasis on Cyber, AI, sensors and sensor integration development.

After years of deploying in the asymmetric battlefield, USSOCOM is shifting its attention and needs to meeting and beating peer adversary capabilities; creating tremendous opportunities for Defense sector businesses. USSOCOM, continues to support small businesses with 22.43% of their budget going to small business.

Doing business with USSOCOM hinges on your ability to support the over 4,000 SOF personnel operating in 57 locations around the world. USSOCOM is looking for NOW solutions and encourages companies to become part of the SOFWERX family. To connect with SOFWERX visit www.sofwerx.org. SOCOM has made changes to the familiar TILO replacing it with eSOF, so you’ll want to look into that.

SOCOM’s needs are many and varied in scope. They range from SIGINT to interactive multiplatform sensors capable of operating in denied environments with no r.f. signature and undetected.

I’ll be bringing you the details over the week so stay tuned. – SP

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