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Day two presenters did a phenomenal job of connecting with attendees. Every presenter was effective in communicating USSOCOM’s needs, but none more so than General Richard Clark, Commanding General, USSOCOM. General Clark in a heartfelt delivery expressed USSOCOM’s pressing need to be prepared to confront and prevail in threats presented by the Chinese Communist Party, CCP, saying “we cannot fall behind.” His Command is responsible for a rapid response to any threat and must empower SOF operators to survive and succeed. Sadly he has to achieve his organizational goals in the face of declining budgets under the current administration.

General Clarke made the point that “while the nation must be ready to defend itself against any future attacks, such preparation also must include offensive capability. This preparation is urgent and includes areas such as Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Cyber, Countermeasures, Maritime, Biometrics, Artificial Intelligence, Computing, Space resources, Communications and Operator Survivability. His list of needs are broad and represent immediate opportunities and challenges for the Defense Industrial Complex. He’s hopeful that the country will rise to meet the challenge. – SP

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