Problem Solved by DuraMag Yet Again

10 Hotdogs / 8 Buns = 1.25 Hotdogs per bun?

DuraMag Simplifies Your Leisure Time DuraMag, the brand known for solving the shooter’s magazine challenges such as creating reliable 7.62x39mm and 450 Bushmaster AR magazines has done it once again. This time with a sleek new magazine for 6.5 Grendel. Gun Math 6.5 Grendel shooters chose their caliber for more energy on target at longer ranges while still keeping the platform compact and lightweight. Extended ranges, of course involve some “weaponized math” to get on target, but that hasn’t been the complaint.
With Ammunition sold in 20-round boxes, there simply hasn’t been a clean break for 6.5 Grendel fans to load a magazine and toss the empty box. There were always leftovers! Worse than trying to plan that summer grill session and match hotdog count to bun count, larger capacity magazines get in the way of a good prone or supported position.

DuraMag 6.5 Grendel 20rd box

Say Goodbye to Leftovers

CPD 65 Grendel No leftovers

A 20-round box of ammunition and a 20-round magazine that doesn’t get in the way. Reliable feeding without leftovers. DuraMag still offers 5, 10, and 26-round options for hunters and shooters, but 20 rounds just made too much sense to not offer.
See all of DuraMag’s 6.5 Grendel offerings About DuraMag

At DURAMAG we design magazines to meet the specific demands of each discipline – combat, law enforcement and sport. We develop solutions to the challenges of our customers in each and every category. To meet the needs of today’s combat conditions we’ve developed a new stainless steel magazine. It outperforms the industry-standard mil-spec aluminum magazine in every test.  

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