A New Brand is Born

The Culmination of a Legacy

RVOLN (reh·vuh·loo·shn) completely erases and rewrites manufacturing and sales models for performance fishing gear and activewear.

HYDES, Md. (May 26, 2021) – “The best products and fabrics never make it to market,” said entrepreneur, bellwether activewear designer and marketing maverick Ben Verner. “It’s cost prohibitive.” And he would know. You see, Verner has legendary status in bringing apparel to market – most notably in fishing and hunting – building brands in those spaces, revitalizing what were static categories.

Verner has a reputation for success. The disruptive designer helped guide Under Armor into fishing apparel, quickly making the UA brand a household name with anglers. Verner followed by founding HUK, ultimately becoming the CEO of Marolina Outdoor, Inc., the now parent company to HUK and its hunting counterpart, Nomad.

Verner is not one to rest idly on the summit, though. His mind always churning and visions way out into the high-beams – far ahead of big corporate and maturing brands. So, Verner set sail with a head full of ideas and strategies, his journey ultimately landing on an uninhabited island, a new world, which he named RVOLN (reh·vuh·loo·shn).

“Young and fast,” were tip of tongue when Verner described the fresh RVOLN brand. It conjures images of life in motion, but is equally as comfortable on a tiki lit oceanside patio with house drink in hand, after a dynamic day on the water. Verner calls it a holistic perspective on activewear. You’ll soon call it your favorite brand.

Fabrics first. It’s Verner’s mantra. While the greater marketplace designs, or copies, a product then scrambles to source suitable fabrics, Verner samples countless fabrics, selects only the best and most innovative, and only then weaves them into styles and SKUs.

But only a strategic and nimble business superstructure can effectively go-to-market with such a progressive concept. That’s ROVLN. The tediously slow rollout of garments from big brands through big retail is inefficient. First, products are dumbed-down from initial prototypes, features eliminated, and fabrics cheapened to accommodate the multiple markups before reaching the consumer. And initial orders must be huge, often too oversized, leaving slow-sellers on the racks until clearing out, stymying introductions of the next big things.

RVOLN does things differently. First, products are produced in smaller batches, promoting quick turns and immediate updates, reacting to customer feedback. Customer feedback? That’s novel. We’re not talking about a hollow star rating and selectively posted comments. RVOLN actually interacts with its customers on design, improving products, creating new garments, even reacting to criticisms. A complete paradigm in activewear retailing.

To accomplish this, RVOLN champions a direct-to-consumer footprint. No middleman. No barriers to market. No giant displays reduced to XXS and XXXL. But rather, efficient small batch manufacturing that quickly reloads popular styles, sizes, and colors.

The elimination of the classic middleman markup chain also reduces cost…and what you pay. Prices are sharp. And remember the features and fabrics that fell to the floor because of cost? Not so with RVOLN. Their products come to market exactly as the designer imagined. So, you buy what the designer wears.

The RVOLN has just begun. Over the next several months we’ll be introducing pioneering series’ and products catering to your active and fishing lifestyle. And if we don’t nail it, you can tell us, and we’ll listen. 

Visit www.rvoln.com, enter the code VIP, and get 50% OFF your first order.

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