MOHOC launches new campaign

Elominate Doubt With MOHOC Cameras

The recent growth in use of body cams (chest-mounted cameras) by Law Enforcement has led to a blanket procurement approach. The same equipment is issued to both standard patrol and highly-specialized tactical teams.

MOHOC Inc., creator of the world’s first military-optimized helmet cameras, believes body cams are inadequate for use by tactical units. Chest-mounted cameras record a confusing, obstructed point-of-view because of the intense and kinetic nature of tactical operations.

Designed for elite units, only helmet-mounted, low profile, and snag free MOHOC© Cameras capture the operator’s true perspective.

MOHOC Inc. recently launched a campaign to highlight the benefits of purpose-built tactical cameras over standard body cams. See our ad in Officer Magazine, and please contact MOHOC to learn more about our department T&E program.

Tel: +1.208.806.1391   |    Email:

MOHOC Cameras are dual-use, non-ITAR-controlled items; intended for military, 
law enforcement, first responders, as well as civilian and sport applications.

MOHOC, Inc. 815 1st Ave, Suite 337, Seattle WA 98104, USA

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