New MOHOC iOS App Update Available

Image of person using MOHOC app

Improved iOS 14 compatible app ready for download

MOHOC has developed a new, improved iOS app update that is compatible with Apple’s latest iOS.
The new app is a significant improvement on the older version, with live preview now maximizing the full width of the phone screen.  This update also provides a bigger video display for new larger iPhones.  These improvements enable a clearer user perspective for improved situational awareness and after action reviews.
Additional bug fixes and app updates enable users to zoom in or out while watching a live video feed to clarify details within the frame, or to ensure accurate camera positioning when capturing video or taking photos.
Download the app now at the Apple App Store.

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MOHOC Cameras are dual-use, non-ITAR-controlled items; intended for military,
law enforcement, first responders, as well as civilian and sport applications.
MOHOC, Inc. 815 1st Ave, Suite 337, Seattle WA 98104, USA

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